Using the resources on this page should not be interpreted as receiving medical advice from Dr. Tinkle. Purchasing any of the products listed on this page does NOT establish a doctor-patient relationship. In full disclosure, Dr. Tinkle has an affiliate relationship with some of the companies he recommends.

Immune Support

  • DoTerra Cassia
  • DoTerra Frankincense

Joint Support

  • Doctor Orthotics

Anxiety/ Nervous System Support

  • CBD Biocare Oil
  • DoTerra Cilantro
  • DoTerra Copaiba – comes in oil and softgels
  • DoTerra Lavender
  • DoTerra Clary Sage
  • DoTerra Magnolia
  • DoTerra Tumeric

Digestive/ Gastrointestinal Health

  • DoTerra Coriander
  • DoTerra DigestZen
  • DoTerra Frankincense
  • DoTerra Lemongrass
  • DoTerra Melaleuca
  • DoTerra Mito2Max – capsules for energy and stamina
  • DoTerra PB Assist – capsules probiotic defense formula
  • DoTerra Peppermint
  • DoTerra Petitgrain
  • DoTerra TerraZyme

Mood/ Environment Enhancement

  • DoTerra Black Pepper – Can use for massage when applied to skin in fractionated coconut oil
  • DoTerra Breathe
  • DoTerra Cassia
  • DoTerra Cheer
  • DoTerra Citrus Bliss
  • DoTerra Elevation
  • DoTerra Forgive
  • DoTerra Frankincense
  • DoTerra InTune
  • DoTerra Motivate
  • DoTerra PastTense
  • DoTerra Peace
  • DoTerra Pink Pepper
  • DoTerra Roman Chamomile – soothe anger and irritability
  • DoTerra Serenity

Pain Management /Musculoskeletal Comfort

  • CBD Biocare Oil
  • DoTerra Deep Blue – Comes in Roll on, Cream and Drops cream most recommended
  • DoTerra Marjoram
  • DoTerra Oregano
  • DoTerra Siberian Fir

Relaxation / Tension Relief

  • DoTerra AromaTouch – Apply to neck for tension
  • DoTerra Balance – Apply at bedtime for restful sleep
  • DoTerra Helichrysum
  • DoTerra Myrrh
  • DoTerra Neroli Touch
  • DoTerra Peppermint
  • DoTerra Spearmint


  • DoTerra Balance – Apply at bedtime for restful sleep
  • DoTerra Clary Sage
  • DoTerra Juniper Berry – Diffuse before bedtime for calming effect
  • DoTerra Lavender
  • DoTerra Melissa