Is Dr. Tinkle accepting new patients?

In short, yes.

NOTE: All patients that have not been seen by him AT Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital will be considered a new patient.

Does Dr. Tinkle see EDS / joint hypermobility patients?

Yes, in addition to general genetics appointments, there is a connective tissue clinic through his hospital.

Is Dr. Tinkle a urologist? (tee hee hee)

No, and we’ve heard this joke before. 😉

What can I do to make the most of my appointment with Dr. Tinkle?

Arrange to have your medical records transferred to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital AHEAD of your appointment.

Does Dr. Tinkle see adult patients?


Does Dr. Tinkle see pediatric patients (children)?


So, Dr. Tinkle will see BOTH adults and children?

For the love of Pete, Yes!

Does Dr. Tinkle see pink elephants?

On occasion, but that has nothing to do with his specialty.